What is Woodwind & Brass Festival?
Information for Teachers, Parents and Students
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The purpose of the Young Musicians Festival is to provide a non-competitive performance environment for students of public school age. Students benefit by hearing other students at a similar level perform, while practicing their performance skills. The students are encouraged to perform two contrasting selections from our list of suggested pieces in the YMF syllabus. These performances are adjudicated by 2 professionals who give written comments and a rating (1-5 points) on the student's performance. Each performer receives a certificate according to their achievement rating. Points accumulate annually and are noted on the student's records, When 15 points have been acquired, the student receives a gold cup. Further points are accumulated toward additional cups.
Who May Enter?
  1. Entrants must be under 19 years of age as of June 1st of the Festival year.
  2. Entrants may participate up to and including the senior year of high school.
What are the Requirements for Solo Performance?
Each participant is encouraged to perform 2 contrasting pieces. The first piece (Required piece) can be selected from the YMF repertoire list, or the list can be used a guideline to help the teacher and student choose an appropriate level piece. The contrasting piece (Choice piece) should be a different style, or from a different periods of history, or from a composer of a different nationality, etc. The 2 pieces should be generally of the same level of difficulty. Extra consideration will be made if one or both pieces are performed from memory. Concerto and ensemble classes have somewhat different requirements. The class level entered is ascertained by the teacher according to the student's ability and years of study.
How is a Gold Cup Earned?
Up to 5 points are earned annually and are duly recorded and accumulated on individual student records. When 15 points have been earned in a given event (e.g. solo, duet, concerto) the student receives a Gold Cup award for that event. Further points are accumulated toward a second or third gold cup. (It takes a minimum of 3 years to be awarded an engraved gold cup.)
What is the Purpose of Festival?
  • Students have the opportunity to perform in a non-competitive setting.
  • The performers have the opportunity to work with professional accompanists.
  • Festival gives music students the opportunity to hear performances by other young people studying at their own level.
  • Festival develops performance poise.
  • Festival encourages further study by providing recognition for achievement at each level of musical progress and a further incentive to continue as outlined above in the Gold Cup program.
How Does the Festival Operate?
Students will perform with professional accompanists in a beautiful Concert Hall at the Emmanuel Church in Weston, Connecticut. The performers will be divided into recital classes, based on the number of participants in a given year, the student's level of performance and the students time availability. Solo performances and chamber ensembles may be on the same program. A typical class is made up of eight to twelve performances and lasts approximately one hour. Classes are open to family and friends. Anyone is welcome to attend as many recitals as we have scheduled.
Two adjudicators preside over each class writing comments and evaluating each performance. These adjudications may contain constructive criticism as well as praise for the musical achievements of each performer at his or her stage of studies. These comments are distributed by the student's teacher in the weeks following Festival.
Finally, points (up to a possible 5) are awarded for each performance. These evaluations are based on average ability, quality of preparation and excellence of the individual performance. Each performer receives a certificate indicating the number of points awarded.
Student and Teacher Fees for Participation
The Festival consists of a variety of events including solo, concerto and ensemble classes. The solo entry fee is $20. An additional charge of $50 is added if the solo performer needs piano accompaniment. The ensemble entry fee is $40 (per group); quartet entry fee is $50.
The music teacher must be either 1) a member in good standing of the Schubert Club or 2) submit a $65 teacher registration fee with the student applications with fewer than 10 students or $75 for 10 or more students.
Further Information
Woodwind & Brass Chairperson
Moira Schur Craw
Festival Registrar
Marjie Brake
46 Glenarden Road
Trumbull, CT 06611
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