Young Musicians Festival


Syllabus: Piano Duet - By Level
Level Composer:Piece Collection Publisher Notes
Primary 1
Elliott/M.E. Clark: Pussy Cat Alfred 881155
Goldston: Duets for Dog Lovers (any one) Alfred 334
Goldston: Music for Sharing, Book 1 (any one) Alfred 11716
Leaf: Along the Blackfoot River FJH E1043
Olson: Two by Two (any one) CF O5059
Primary 2
Costello: The Cricket and the Bullfrog FJH E1079
George: Kaleidoscope Duets, Book 1 (any one) Alfred 691
Kunitz: Red Hearts Waltz MYK 88577
Stevens: The Knights' Quest Willis HL00125695
Vandall: Black Key Suite (any movement) Myklas 88806
Verne: Duets on Four Brazilian Songs (Play one) Hal Leonard 372263
Primary 3
Alexander: Just for Two, Book 1 (play Dance with Me or Scottish Dance) Alfred 00-39103
Brady: The Toymaker's Workshop (play Yo-Yo only) Hal Leonard HL00296513
George: Kaleidoscope Duets, Book 3 (any one) Alfred 693
Goldston: Duets for Bear Lovers (any one) Alfred 367
Klose: At the Flea Circus Hal Leonard HL00296804
Tsitsaros: Throughout the Year (play one) Hal Leonard 296723
Vandall: Diamond Sonatina (play first or second mvt) Myklas 88525
Primary 4
Alexander: Just for Two, Book 1 (play Sour Lemons or Tally-Ho March) Alfred 00-39103
Brady: Copycat! Hal Leonard HL00296369
Brady: The Toymaker's Workshop (play Toymaker's Express or Pinwheels) Hal Leonard HL00296513
C.S. Wolf: I Wanna Be a Spy FJH E1037
George: Kaleidoscope Duets, Book 4 (any one) Alfred 697
Mier: Treasures for Two, Book 1 (play Killarney Colleen, Main Street, Sand Dunes or The Ancient Lantern) Alfred 11753
Rocherolle: Tour for Two (play Desert Caravan, Highland Fling, Latin Nights, or Rickshaw Ride) Hal Leonard HL00296832
Vandall: Diamond Sonatina (play 3rd mvt) Myklas 88525
Intermediate 1
Alexander: Just for Two, Book 1 (play Celebration or Spooks from Mars) Alfred 00-39103
arr. Weekley/Arganbright: Chinese Lullaby KJOS WP1148
arr. Weekley/Arganbright: East Meets West (play Sakura or A Frog Went A-Courtin') KJOS WP578
arr. Weekley/Arganbright: Oh! Susanna KJOS WP1146
Brady: The Toymaker's Workshop (play Music Box Minuet or Puppets' Parade) Hal Leonard HL00296513
George: Kaleidoscope Duets, Book 5 (any one) Alfred 698
Kunitz: Bluebonnet Rag Myklas 88686
Rocherolle: Tour For Two (play Russian Dance or Swingtime) Hal Leonard HL00296832
Weekley/Arganbright: Cha Cha! KJOS Wp1141
Intermediate 2
Alexander: Just for Two, Book 2 (play Montana Rag or Bright Red) Alfred 00-6658
arr. Weekley/Arganbright: He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, from East Meets West KJOS WP578
Bober: Race to the Peak FJH E1061
Carolyn Miller: Festive Celebration Willis HL00416843
Mier: Blueberry Rag (treasures for 2, book 2) Alfred 11754
Vandall: Bijou Rag Myklas mp355
Intermediate 3
Alexander: Just for Two, Book 3 (play Just for You or Raggedy Rag) Alfred 00-39105
Austin: Joplin Jubilee Rag, from All-American Ragtime Duets Willis HL00416822
Ehrhardt: Dixie for Two Willis 405551
Gillock/Austin: Fountain in the Rain Willis HL00114960
Gillock/Austin: New Orleans Jazz Styles Duets: play any one Willis HL00416805
Mier: Moonbeams, Spanish Gypsies, or Western Plains (Treasures for 2, Book 2) Alfred 11754
Noona: A Down-Home Dance Heritage or ePrint SM308
Noona: Timber Wolves Patrol Heritage or ePrint SM425
Weekley/Arganbright: Four American Folksongs (play one) KJOS WP159
Intermediate 4
Alexander: Just for Two, Book 3 (play Downright Cute or Nocturne in E-Flat Major) Alfred 00-39105
Gillock: Sidewalk Café or Liebesfreud, from ACCENT ON DUETS Willis HL00416804
Gillock/Austin: Still More New Orleans Jazz Styles Duets: Play any one Willis HL00416807
Miller: Country Fair Willis 406258
Moderately Difficult 1
Alexander: Just for Two, Book 4 (play Cool Move or Roly-Poly Rag) Alfred 00-39106
Alexander: Touch a Rainbow for Piano Duet Alfred 36324
Austin: Fifth Avenue Stroll Willis HL00416734
Austin: The Kansas City Rag, from All-American Ragtime Duets Willis HL00416822
Carolyn Miller: Funtasia in F Minor FJH E1042
Joplin/Weekley & Arganbright: Five Joplin Rags (play one) KJOS WP178
Rocherolle: Prime Time Hal Leonard HL00296757
Vandall: Ballad Myklas MP699
Vandall: Three Waltzes (play one) Myklas MP320
Moderately Difficult 2
Dello Joio: Family Album (play one) Hal Leonard 9258
Gillock: Boogie Prelude or Jazz Prelude, from ACCENT ON DUETS Willis HL00416804
Joplin/Weekley & Arganbright: Four Joplin Waltzes (play one) KJOS WP
Karp: Phoenix Blues FJH E1054
Noona: All-American Hometown Band Heritage SM300
Difficult 1
Austin: Valse Elegante Willis HL00405657
Balestrieri: Polka Italiana
Dello Joio: Five Images (play one) Hal Leonard 9329
Gillock: Fiesta Mariachi, from ACCENT ON DUETS Willis HL00416804
Vandall: Festival Toccata Alfred 36321
Difficult 2
Alexander: Just for Two, Book 4 (play Notturno in E-Flat Major or Tarantella Fantastico) Alfred 00-39106
Austin: Samba Sensation Willis HL00416959
Baumgartner: Tango Nuevo Willis HL00416955
Pachelbel/Agay: Canon TP 110-40633
Rocherolle: The Way We Danced (play Slow Dancin', A Winsome Waltz or Tango for Two) Alfred PAM0106
Very Difficult 1/2
Rocherolle: The Way We Danced (play Jitterbug or Classic Rock) Alfred PAM0106
Rossini/Gottschalk: William Tell Overture KJOS WP119
Waxman: Three Marches for Four Hands EC Schirmer 1.2945
Musically Advanced
Barber: Souvenirs: Ballet Suite, op. 28 for one piano, four hands (play one) Schirmer 50286370
Jackson Berkey: Hosanna Down! (Major) - There are 2 versions - major and modal. Play MAJOR version. SDG Press SDGS973
Persichetti: Appalachian Christmas Carols TP 460-00066
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