Young Musicians Festival


Syllabus: Piano Duo - By Level
Level Composer:Piece Collection Publisher Notes
Primary 3/4
Blake: Cotton Blossom Time Willis 411775
Weybright: Happy Willis
Weybright: Shepherd's Hey Willis 5547
Weybright: Tumble Town Cakewalk Willis 411957
Weybright: Turkey in the Straw Willis 411966
Intermediate 1/2
Mier: Carousel Waltz Alfred 18160
Mier: Gypsy Celebration Alfred 5447
Vandall: Walking on Air Alfred
W.T. Skye Garcia: Trail of Tears, from Prairie Suite FJH
Intermediate 3/4
Davie: An Elegant Waltz Alfred 11710
Karp: Miniature Suite: Play any movement FJH
Mier: Mexican Holiday Alfred 11712
Nevin: All American Medley Alfred 28099
W.T. Skye Garcia: Homestead Hoedown, from Prairie Suite FJH
Moderately Difficult 1/2
Alexander: Flirtatious Alfred 18161
Gillock: Carnival in Rio, arr for Piano Duo by Gillock Willis
Joplin/Gunther: The Cascades Willis 405005
Kreisler/Agay: Liebesfreud, from JOY OF TWO PIANOS Music Sales Corp 14001268
Massoud: Jewels in a Night Sky Alfred 11765
W.T. Skye Garcia: Rough and Ready FJH
Difficult 1/2
Agay: Chassidic Round Dance, from Joy of 2 Pianos Music Sales Corp 14001268
Alexander: Fanfare Toccata-Rondo Alfred 20778
Berlin/Heitler and Lyke: Irving Berlin Piano Duos: play any one Hal Leonard
Brooks-Turner: Frere Jacques Rocka FJH
Eckstein: By a Blue Lagoon CF
Rocherolle: Slow Dancin', A Winsome Waltz or Tango for Two, from THE WAY WE DANCED Belwin
Rocherolle: Waltz for Two Pianos KJOS
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