Voice Rules
Revised September 24, 2017
Replaces all previous versions; In effect until replaced by a later version
  • The Schubert Club Young Musicians' Festival sponsors non-competitive auditions for school-age students. These auditions provide students an opportunity to receive an evaluation of their performance and musicianship skills from highly skilled adjudicators.
  • Teachers do not need to be members of the Schubert Club to enter students. Non- member teachers pay an additional fee for entering students.
  • Each student must be entered by his/her private teacher. Music schools, choral directors and instrumental directors may not enter students. The sponsoring teacher must have have paid their membership fee to the Schubert Club of Fairfield County, Inc., in full prior to the festival application deadline OR submit a non-member teacher fee of $65 for less than 10 students or $75 for 10 students or more in addition to the student application fee on the registration form.
  • All teachers who enter students must assist for at least 2 hours with audition preparations and/or at the Festival. They may serve as room monitor, day chair, assistant day chair, or may help before or after the festival. Teachers who enter more than 5 students may be asked to work for more hours. If teachers are unable to assist, they should provide a reliable substitute who has been approved in advance by the chair. A fee will be imposed on teachers who do not assist with festival activities. Note: If a teacher is accompanying his/her own students, he/she will not be permitted to work as room monitor during that class and will be assigned as a monitor in another class.
  • Entrants must be under 19 years of age as of the festival date.
  • Entrants may participate up to and including the senior year of high school.
  • Entrants must be taking private lessons from the vocal teacher or coach who enters them.
  • Solo Application - $20
  • Duo/Duet Application - $40
  • Trio/Quartet/Quintet Application - $50
  • Sponsoring teachers (non-Schubert Club members) submit an additional $65 - $75 non-member fee with student applications. ($65 for less than 10 students entered; $75 for 10 students or more)
  • Teachers should submit one check, payable to The Schubert Club, for the total amount due, to the registrar. Applications must be entered on the website.
    Payment should be sent to:
    Marjie Brake
    46 Glenarden Road
    Trumbull, CT 06611
  • Fees are not refundable and there will be no "make-ups" for missed auditions.
  • Each year, entrants may enter one class in any or all of the three vocal categories: Art Song, Musical Theater, Vocal Ensemble (Duet) or Vocal Ensemble (Trio or Quartet).
  • One application must be completed for each entrant, event or ensemble.
  • Deadline for applications is February 17, 2019.
  • The Young Musicians' Festival reserves the right to disqualify entrants for infractions of these rules.
  • Published scores of both pieces (not photocopies) must be provided for the judges. Written permission must be sought from the publisher for music that is out of print (not just unavailable or temporarily out of stock.)
  • Students who fail to provide the judge with a published score may perform for critique, but will receive no points toward a Gold Cup.
  • Required pieces for Art Song category MUST be chosen from the current 2015 YMF Syllabus published by the Festival Committee and available online.(
  • Performers are encouraged to have an accompanist. Students (or their teachers) are responsible for securing an accompanist and paying their own accompanist. A teacher may accompany his or her own students.
  • CDs, Cassette Tapes, or iPods may be used as accompaniment, but students/teachers are required to provide their own speakers or player. The Voice Festival will not provide CD or players.
ELECTRONIC DEVICES (Photos, Videos, Phones)
  • No flash photography may be taken during a performance.
  • When entering the room, turn off all cell phones and devices that make noise.
  • Videotaping is allowed during festival performances. Parents will be guided by the Room Monitor to set up equipment before the class begins; please silence electronic beeps and operate cameras from the back of the room to avoid disrupting the class.
  • Photographs & videos may be taken only of your own children.
  • Students are grouped into a "class" of students of approximately the same age and/or level.
  • Each class lasts 50 minutes or less.
  • All classes are open to an audience.
  • Each student will receive a form with the adjudicators' written comments, a certificate of participation, and points toward Gold Cup awards.
  • RATINGS: Each student will receive a rating from each of the presiding adjudicators: Gold (5 points), Blue (4 points), Red (3 points), Green (2 points) or Yellow (1 point). Students are awarded the higher of the two scores or an average of the two scores as their official score. (e.g. A student who received a 5 and a 4 is awarded a "5". A student who receives a 5 and a 3 receives a "4." A student who receives two 4's is awarded a "4".)
  • CERTIFICATES: All students will receive a "Certificate of Participation" which lists the earned rating. Colored certificates will no longer be used. The number of consecutive '5' ratings earned will be noted on the certificates with '5'. (e.g. "Jane Doe received a '5' in Art Song for the Second Consecutive Year.")
  • GOLD CUPS: Points are accumulated for each instrument or event. (Art Song, Musical Theater and Vocal Ensemble are all separate events, so students will accrue points separately for each event.) When 15 points have been earned in an event, the first Gold Cup will be awarded. Remaining points will be applied toward the next Gold Cup in that event. All points counted toward a Gold Cup must be earned in the same event, with one exception: high school seniors may aggregate points across events on a given instrument (e.g. Art Song and Musical Theater and Vocal Ensemble may be combined toward a final Gold Cup in the Senior Year). Voice events may also be combined with the composition event.
  • Audition scores will be posted online 2-4 weeks after festival. Comment sheets and certificates should arrive within 4 weeks and are sent directly to the teacher.
  • Students should bring a published score for each piece (See SCORES and PHOTOCOPYING, above.)
  • Students should dress appropriately for the auditions.
Voice Chairpersons:
Caroline Worra -
Diane LaSala-
Festival Registrar:
Marjie Brake
46 Glenarden Road
Trumbull, CT 06611
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